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Is a Coyote that is Active During the Day Sick or Rabid?

Sick Florida coyotes will wander around at any time of the day and it searches for food anywhere it can find it , especially in the alleys and Backyards OF Buildings. Sick coyotes will likely clash with humans, and may become aggressive against any animal that comes its way. Though the encounter of humans with coyotes in urban or sub-urban areas can be rare for humans, and the reason being that they are nocturnal in nature. Coyotes may occasionally move during the day in search of prey, and that means, sighting them in the day does not mean they are sick. Orlando coyotes seen during the day must be observed closely to ascertain their health status.

If a Florida coyote is scared when you approach it, then the animal is healthy and exhibiting its natural instinct. Similarly, a coyote that is not scared by the presence of humans does not mean it is sick, it may be due to the fact that the animal has been fed by some people in the past, thus it has gotten use to them. Coyotes are warm-blooded animals thus they can contact rabies, and the fact that coyotes are unvaccinated means they can contact rabies easily, especially from their closeness with dogs and some other Orlando animals.

In order to ascertain that a Florida coyote seen in the day is sick , you need to move closer- if the animal does not run , or becomes aggressive by charging back at you, then it has probably become rabid. A sick coyote may stop temporarily when you move closer or even pretend that you are not there. A hungry Orlando coyote may run away , or look straight in your hands to see whether you will hand some food to it.

The appearance of a Florida coyote can also reveal whether it is sick or not. Sick coyote may look pale and lean. The animal may have bruises on its skin, when you take a closer look, and its mouth may be drooling of saliva, showing that the disease has progressed rapidly in its internal system. A sick Orlando coyote may occasionally stop and stoop down , to show signs of fatigue. When a sick coyote is noticed, it is better to call an animal rehabilitator, getting closer to such animals can be dangerous as it may charge at you . A sick coyote may be pregnant and may not necessarily be suffering from rabies or any other sickness.

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